Useful Links

Here at TheatreIdeas, I try to make the creative process for you, the theatre artist, easier. As I find things that I believe will help you in your creative process to be able to work faster, smarter and more efficient, I want to pass those on to you! So on this page what you will find is a collection of links to sites or companies that I have used as resources that you may find useful too! This will be a living page as I will always add new things to it as they are found! If you know of a great place I should link to from this page, please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know about it!!


Theatrical Suppliers

Associated Theatrical Contractors (ATC): In business now for 55 years, ATC is a regional supplier based in Springfield, Missouri. Although regional they will sell nationwide so don’t pass them up! With competitive pricing and great support staff I’ve worked with them several times. They have an online store and deal in rentals, sales and other services for all your theatrical needs.

 A to Z Theatrical Services: This Kansas City based theatrical supplier has also been in business for 55 years. They rent and sale lighting equipment, costumes, make-up, props, scenic elements, special effects and more. If you’re in the KC area look them up.

BMI Supply: BMI is located in Queensbury, NY and ships worldwide. This online store has a large selection of all kinds of theatrical products that are competitively priced. They are happy to answer your questions and make sure you are headed in the direction you want to be going when ordering items.

Norcostco: This company is another large supplier with pretty much anything you’d need for any type theatrical product located in Denver, CO.