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Remind 101-Updated

It was about a year ago that I first wrote my post on a great little app called, Remind 101.  In that post I laid out all the features and the basics on how to set up your account and classes.  I won’t be revisiting those items in this post, so if you missed that post be sure to check it out here!

After publishing that post, it wasn’t long that I found out that the guys over at Remind 101 showed us some love and tweeted out about our article! For a fledgling site, I must say that was an exciting bit of news.  Just last week I discovered another nice little perk! I received an email letting me know that I had sent out over 500 Remind101 reminders, and I was now classified as a “Super-User!”  So, for this accomplishment, they’re sending me a t-shirt! This can now be added to my list of things I love about this free app.

The Request

In the article, along with all the positives I found with the app, I also laid out a few issues that I said I’d love to see addressed.  The main one was that I wasn’t even aware I could set up custom class codes until I actually visited the website.  At that time, that was the only way this could be done.  In today’s mobile world however, many of us do a lot of the things we used to do on the computer, on our iphones, androids, ipads, tablets, etc.  So I had been giving out these complicated codes for students to try to get right.

My critique was that they should make this feature available on mobile devices since that’s where most of us would use this app from. Well, the people who run Remind 101 listened, and responded.  Now i’m not saying it was my article that drove this change, it probably wasn’t, but it is nice to know they actually listen to their users!

New Features

Just a few months ago Remind 101 rolled out some updates with some nice feature additions.  Not only did they answer the request, they went above and beyond! Here are the major updates to the app. I think you will find them very useful.

  • The ability to create custom codes from your mobile device: This was the one big thing I wanted to see change and they made it happen! Now you don’t have to take the time to sit down at an actual computer to avoid those pesky and tedious default class codes!
  • Attachments: This is a nice added feature. Now if you are sending out a message to a class/group, you can attach a file! This will be nice when reminding students about homework and the like. You can now attach the homework file and eliminate any of the “I forgot to take it home” type excuses! All you teachers know what I’m talking about! I could see this working for theatre shows with rehearsal calendars, lists to people involved in an upcoming meeting, agenda notes and many other things.
  • Small group notification: Say you need to send out a reminder…but only to part of the group. Before, this wasn’t an option, it was all or nothing. But now they’ve set you up to where you can notify a sub-group! The minimum number of people in the group must be 3 to make this work, but usually, that’s going to cover your need. Going below that would be working against that person to person trickiness that this app helps to avoid!  This was a nice addition to the feature set that I’ve been able to use a few times already.

It is refreshing to know that there are still companies out there that listen to and respond to their users/client base. That seems all too limited in today’s world, but the people at Remind 101 have come through. If you weren’t quite convinced you should try this app with the last post about it, maybe this one will add that slight push to get you to give it a whirl! Once you try it, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Be on the look out as I intend to create some step-by-step tutorials for using the various features of this app!

Again, Just to be clear, this review and update is strictly my personal opinion based on my interaction with the app. I receive absolutely no compensation from the makers of Remind 101.