In Memory Of A Friend

Picture of Man in chair holding his Drowsy Chaperone record

The Drowsy Chaperone

This production of The Drowsy Chaperone was submitted by the Lee’s Summit High School Theatre Department, in honor of their friend, Nick Wilson.

Guided by the Man In Chair, the audience is taken on a nostalgic walk through a fun little musical, The Drowsy Chaperone. Stopping often to highlight his favorite parts and provide commentary on the things he doesn’t like, we experience this musical as it comes to life through his record player. While watching and narrating from the outside for most of the show, during the final number something special happens and the division of the two worlds breaks down and the characters acknowledge the Man in Chair, in a way fulfilling his dreams.

Our Man In Chair

Our Man in Chair was Nick Wilson. Nick Wilson was a great young man with a big heart. Nick always had a smile on his face and truly never knew an enemy. To know Nick, was to love Nick. He had a way of just lifting your day with knowing the right thing to say. While jumping into the theatre scene a little later than some others, he found a home quickly and began to build his skills in the art he loved. In some ways, this show was sort of a culminating moment for him, as it was the final show he would ever take part in.  Sadly, not quite one year later, Nick Wilson was in a tragic car accident that took him away from us. This impacted all who knew him deeply, as the unexpected loss of any loved one would.

I had the honor of speaking at his funeral and was able to pay tribute to such a special young man who had such a bright future. Every day, teachers try to leave an impact for the better on students lives, but I can honestly say that with Nick, he left a great impact on mine. Secretly it was sort of fun knowing I was his favorite teacher. But the status of “favorite teacher” was nothing compared to having him walk into my classroom on the seniors last day of school after they had been dismissed.  At a time when every other senior was jetting to their cars for their “escape” from high school, Nick took the time to drop by my room, to come shake my hand, get a picture with me, and say thank you. That one, honest and sincere moment of thanks that I received from him, is one of the most impacting moments of my life and one I won’ forget. It’s that moment when you know you did something to change someone’s life, and that they actually acknowledge, and appreciate it. He will always be our Man in Chair for those who participated in theatre with him. And it is in honor of Nick Wilson, that this SHOWcase entry is posted.

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Production Photos

The Drowsy Chaperone singing to the Man in Chair

The "accidental" Nightingale scene

The Drowsy Chaperone singing As We Stumble Along

Man in Chair watching the scenes come to life

The Man in Chair, Nick Wilson, talking about the Drowsy Chaperone

The Plane at the end of The Drowsy Chaperone

Janet talking to Robert while he is blindfolded

Frozen moment at the end of the show

The Man in Chair talking to the Souper

Man in Chair, Nick Wilson, talking about his favorite show

Gangsters, Andrew Wrigh & Ben Velasco

Janet, The Chaperone & Adolpho

Man in Chair and Janet during the Monkey Song