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Who doesn’t love to watch some great improv? One of the highlights of our school year is always the improv shows put on by our team. Whether you coach an improv team, participate on one, use improvisation in the classroom or just like to have fun with it, this app is a great tool for improv housed right on your iphone!

Improvisation is a great skill for many situations. As you know, it helps to build relationships, develop listening skills, helps you to be present in the moment, works on the ability to commit to what you’re doing 100%, thinking on your feet, problem solving, teaches you to trust, and of course gives you permission to laugh out loud more! Improv is great for team-building, both in the classroom and in the workplace, and there are many different improvisation activities that can be performed to get those creative juices running.

The App

To perform good improvs, you need good prompts! Right?! Ahhh, now therein lies the rub. If you’ve had experiences anywhere even close to mine then you’ve had those times in class or even performances where the prompts you get are really just…well let’s just say…sub-par. Now we all know you want the live interaction of the audience during a show, even if the prompts you’re getting aren’t great, but in the classroom, a little help doesn’t hurt! Enter the Improv Suggestifier app! This app is a FREE download on Itunes –And you know we all love FREE!  I am always trying to find ways to do things effectively yet cheap, and I love passing on what I find to you–especially the things that are FREE! 

Just to be clear, these are my opinions and I am not in any way compensated by the makers of this app for this review! I just believe in passing on good resources and steering people away from not so great resources!

Features of Improv Suggestifier

Improv Suggestifier provides its user with 10 different categories of suggestions:

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  • Simple Word
  • Character
  • Location
  • Emotion
  • Object
  • Genre
  • Body Part
  • Interview Question
  • Male Name
  • Female Name

Each of these categories has multiple entries for each, so the number of suggestions available to you is very large. This will prove most useful when rehearsing improv or working in a team-building or classroom environment.

There are two available options for moving from one suggestion to the next. Probably the one you will use the most is to tap on the screen. By simply touching your fingertip to the main part of the screen the old suggestion will slide away being replaced with a new one.  The other option which may be useful in certain particular games is the use of the timer. A timer delay, with a minimum of 5 seconds, will change out the prompt continuously at the time interval you selected.

The Cons

While I love this app and the fact that it’s free, it does have a couple things I wish were different.  The first one is the tiny info icon you have to hit to go back to the categories listing. It’s a small “i” within a circle located in the bottom right corner of the screen.  This icon is so small it’s easy to actually hit too much of the screen and change the prompt instead of going back to the category listing. If you have big or fat fingers, this is going to be a bit of a problem. My hand isn’t large by any means and I get frustrated with how often I switch out the prompt instead of getting to the screen I want.

The second complaint I do have is that while I know this app is programed to “randomly” throw out the next suggestion, it tends to repeat some suggestions a little too often at times causing me to have to swipe through a few extra suggestions to get a fresh one. Again, this can be a little annoying, but nothing you can’t work past. (Note to self…it’s FREE)

These are two things that I think could be easily fixed if the developers care to, but they are also things I’ve learned to live with and it hasn’t hurt me any.  There may be room for improvement, but overall, I like this app. I have found myself using it several times both in class and in improv labs with my team as we prepare for shows. Go ahead…Give it a try, I think you may find it useful! (Note to you…You can thank me later!) (Or now…in the comments below! 😎 )



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