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This production of GODSPELL was  submitted by Randy Jackson of North Kansas City High School, in North Kansas City, Missouri.

This story brings to life the messages of Jesus Christ that deal with love, kindness & tolerance through the use of the parables that are sprinkled throughout the book of Matthew, in the Bible. Utilizing a wide variety of flavors of music, from pop to rock to vaudeville, the characters sing & dance through these stories up to the night of the Last Supper and the reliving of the Crucifixion.


The NKC theatre department brought their “artistic” approach to the 2012 revival version of GODSPELL to the stage March 6 & 7th.  For their production they decided to place this show inside an art studio and forced themselves to get creative on a limited budget due to weather having caused many issues in their area and not knowing how it would impact their attendance.  Spending only about $200 on lumber for the set, they were able to get paint donated from a local company, Tnemec, and borrowed chain link from a local construction company. Other props and set pieces were left over art from the art department. For costuming they bought long-sleeve shirts from a thrift store, pulled the sleeves off, reattached the arms to different shirts  and spattered them with paint to represent art smocks! Through this each character was connected by either shirt or paint color.

Like many directors, Randy Jackson has always said,  “If you cast right, the job of directing is easy,” and this time he said, “I got it right!” He also invited back former students to assist with choreography (Dustin Z West) and vocal direction (Chacey Rembecki). While rehearsing, one struggle they faced was learning to improvise different lines and movement when transitioning between the parables.  To help remedy this, they invited Steven Eubanks to come workshop a song with the students, but due to the weather, this unfortunately didn’t work out. Instead, the cast made a trip to see a preview performance of GODSPELL by the Egad’s Theatre Company. Here they saw how much fun the cast was having, and the student’s fear of “messing” things up began to evaporate! “The kids were amazing and focused in their work and attitudes. This was truly an amazing experience.”


DIRECTOR: Randy Jackson
VOCAL DIRECTOR: Chacey Rembecki

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