About Theatre Ideas

This webpage came about out of a realization that theatre artists need a way and place where they can come together to collaborate by sharing ideas, tips, tricks and so much more! So I decided I would attempt to create a website that delivers helpful information where people in the art or interested in the art can go for help in finding new or different ways to do things–A place where we can share good information on apps, technology, design, anything really! I envision a place where designers can submit their designs to be showcased for the world to see, where students can get their designs out there and begin making a name for themselves, and where schools, community theatres, churches and others can showcase what they’ve been doing! Be sure to check out the “About SHOWcase” for more on how you can share your productions and works!  Perhaps the most important reason for this site is that I want to create a place where we–the theatre artists– can network and collaborate, where we can help each other find those hard to find props or costumes, give and find advice and tips on acting or directing, a resource for pretty much anything we may need for a production. Along the way, I hope we all gain encouragement and enjoy the opportunity to share our ideas as we collaborate in the art we love.

I am looking for submissions of designs, tips/tricks, lesson-plans,  or anything that you feel could be helpful to others! If you have something  you want to share or a design you want the world to see, just visit the “share IT” link in the menu!  I’d love to showcase what you have to offer!