About SHOWcase

SHOWcase is a place that is all about YOU! I want to provide you a place to post and brag about the great things your organization is doing! Here you have the opportunity to submit pictures and information on your shows, activities, or other cool things you have been taking part in. If you are a high school theatre program, a community theatre, college theatre, church or some other type of organization that produces performances, I want to see what you’re doing!

Through SHOWcasing what you have been doing, others will have the chance to be inspired by your work! And in turn, you may be inspired by seeing the work that others have posted as well!

SHOWcase Submissions


  • Pictures: Please be sure to submit pictures so that everyone can clearly see examples of your production/event.
  • Description: Please provide a thorough description laying out all of the details of your particular production/event. Include items such as date, budget, materials, techniques, attendance, summary, or anything that will help in writing the description for a post.
  • If you have more than 5 pictures you may upload a zip file.

What to expect

Should your production/event be chosen to be posted in the SHOWcase you will receive an email letting you know so that you can be watching for it to post! Please understand that as we receive more submissions we will not be able to post them all but I will post as many as I can. This may also cause me to be delayed in responding to you as we are hoping to have a lot of submissions!